L-space Interview


Photo Credit – Brain Sweeney

L-space craft beautiful electronic dream pop that feels simultaneously cinematic and intricately intimate. We spoke with Lily from the quartet to hear about L-space’s upcoming Edinburgh show, their influences and much more!

Your song ‘Aloe’ is hypnotic, how did the track come about?

Gordon mentioned that he started off by wanting to write an ambient track, which is where the ethereal synths came from, but that never lasts long before he starts stacking up layers of noise and beats. He has a little aloe plant on top of his piano, which is where the name comes from. The story is about a girl who has enormous metal wings surgically implanted into her back in an effort to feel more free, but it doesn’t fix her underlying issues.

Your new song ‘Suneaters’ comes out early next month, can you tell us anything about it?

Suneaters is about a future where we don’t rely on big dirty energy companies to provide our power and we can use solar power to produce our own energy, where tech justice meets solarpunk anarchism. An example of this is solar panels being brought to African rural villages to replace dangerous kerosene lamps
The music has been around for ages- the little synth melody in the second verse and the chords at the beginning are things Gordon wrote almost ten years ago. We started to build it up with arpeggiated synths at the end and fuzzy bass, then the melody came quite quickly after that. It’s our first single out on our record label, Last Night from Glasgow, which is really exciting!

You’re playing Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh to celebrate the release on the 11th of March, what can we expect from the night?

Noise. Lots of it. And quite possibly fake plants all over the stage. We want to go for that sort of Lana Del Rey faux-luxurious neon poolside look. We’re also excited to be playing with Pocket Knife and Beta Waves, they’re both exceptionally cool bands!

Where would you say you draw inspiration from?

Musically our influences are people like Mogwai, Radiohead, Fuck Buttons, Boards of Canada, Portishead, and so on. People who balance noise with beauty. Aside from music, I’m inspired a lot by science fiction and my studies in cognitive science. Each of our songs tells a story about a better world, or maybe different is a better word, so I think speculative aesthetics like cyberpunk, biopunk, raypunk, dieselpunk etc, they all inspire our sound subliminally.

How did you form as a band?

Gordon and I met when we both worked for a charity and bonded one day over gluing our respective shoes back together (the wages were pretty low). We realised we both had a lot of interests in common and that we both used to play in bands. Throughout 2016 we toyed with a few music ideas here and there, then towards the end of the year we wrote an EP. Gordon knew Dickson through his time as Editor of The Grind, and when Dickson mentioned he played bass we figured he’d be a great fit – and we were right! I knew Maura from when we both worked in a Chinese restaurant. She was always so effortlessly cool, and when she mentioned she played synth we snatched her up ASAP. That was all around the start of 2017, and now we’re here!

And finally, what does the rest of 2018 hold for L-Space?

Our album is coming out in September, which we’re incredibly excited about, and we’ll be playing some shows and festivals over the summer. We’ll be releasing another single in a few months too – watch this space!

For tickets to their upcoming Edinburgh show click HERE and check out the aforementioned ‘Aloe’ below!

Words by Peter Smith

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