Llovers Interview


Llovers are a 5 piece indie-pop band who’ve already attracted attention from likes of NME and BBC Radio 6. It’s easy to see why. All of their songs ooze originality but all contain charming harmonies coupled with breezy indie-pop sensibility. We caught with David (Vocals/Guitar) to hear about the band’s origins and more!

“Just Lust” is infectious. How did the track come about?

It’s one of the songs that we’ve had since the very first gig, we weren’t sure if we were going to put it out, we maybe thought of it as a B Side or an EP track. Jack wrote the lyrics to a demo I sent him right when the band started. The lyrics are quite personal and I think when we play it live it’s a song that the audience really connect with.

How did you come together as a band?

We’ve all played in bands around the Teesside area for a few years, I moved down to Brighton for a bit with one of my bands but I didn’t really enjoy it so I came back up North. Jack had just left his band and we got talking about starting something new up, it just felt natural that Matty, Joe and Ben would join. I’ve known Ben and Joe for 10+ years and I played in a college band with Matty, but the three of them were in a band together at one point too.

Are there any artists you are inspired by?

We’re proper into the music that’s coming out of our area at the moment. Teesside is thriving in all different areas and styles of music. Avalanche Party, Plaza, Cape Cub, Mouses really stand out for me but I could go on.

Any other new artists you have played with and would recommend?

We played a gig a while back with a band who are now called Slowlines (formally Slowlights). They’re class. We’ve also got a gig coming up with Cassia on the 17th of February who are also smashing it.

And finally, what does 2018 hold for Llovers?

Another few singles are on the cards, there’s some unannounced surprises along the way and more shows.

Check out the band’s new track ‘Just For Lust’ on Spotify below!


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