Track Review: James Bay – “Wild Love”


After the roaring success of his 2015 debut Chaos and the Calm, new material from James Bay has been highly anticipated. However, if you’ve spent the last three years pining for the same sounds that the debut emanated, you might be slightly disappointed.

It’s hard to tell exactly what has caused Bay to change his musical direction. Artists wanting to shake up their sound for the follow-up album is not a foreign concept. And maybe we should have expected something a little bit more out-there as soon as the signature hat got flung to the side. But the differentiation from angelic, acoustic Bay to this sample are worlds apart.

‘Wild Love’ with its synthesised overtone, leaves the track feeling hollow. Masquerading the affectionate lyrics and Bay’s naturally warming voice, the loving sentiment of the track somewhat loses its affect.

A single that samples the similarities of most recent chart entries, James Bay’s latest instalment seeps a heavy pop influence. A sound that many may need some time to get used to.

Words by Hayley Millross

Check out the track for yourself below

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