Martin Luke Brown Interview


2017 was a revolutionary year for Martin Luke Brown. He successfully intertwined experimental electronica with his established beautiful soul-based style. His new track ‘J.O.Y.’ is completely compelling, its’ alluring lyrics mingle with a unique combination of synths and a bewitching drum beat. We were lucky enough to catch up with Martin Luke Brown to hear about his musical evolution and more!

J.O.Y is such an incredible track. How did the track come about?

Thank you! It was actually the first of a string of tracks that were co-created with my producer Joe Kearns. It was a happy accident. We’d written lots for other artists and projects and that was just something that came out spontaneously and started a bit of a sonic journey that lead to Into Yellow, Opalite and the other tunes.

Your new tracks feel distinctly different to your previous releases, how did that evolution occur?

Well, J.O.Y was the catalyst for that. I’d not long come out of a previous deal and had fallen out of love with music to a certain extent so exploring alternative soundscapes was really refreshing, feeling like I could redefine myself, and this was the first thing that felt right.

Are there any other new artists that you’ve played with and would recommend?

Ah I’m fortunate to be around amazing up and coming artists constantly, three being Hannah Grace, Greta Isaac and Orla Gartland. They’re really close friends of mine. Girls are the future

We were lucky enough to see you at your headline Borderline show, how was that show for you?

Ah it felt like a moment. Emotional! Was just really lovely to have so many f**king lovely people in one room. Very strong vibes.

We love Wasted Youth (your collaboration with Sody), what lead to you two collaborating?

Soph saw me play at Reading festival in 2015 and got her management at the time to reach out to do some writing. She was sort of pitched to me as this 14-year-old prodigy and so yeah, we started and are still writing lots together, she’s like a little sister now. She recently signed to Relentless records which is amazing. Feels really humbling to be playing a part in her journey.

And finally, what does the future hold for you?

Hopefully fulfillment! I have so many ideas. I just want to be as productive as I can and keep being fortunate enough to work with genuinely good people.

Check out Martin Luke Brown’s incredible tune ‘J.O.Y.’ below!

Words by Luke Pettican

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