Cape Cub Interview


Cape Cub’s tracks are nothing short of enchanting. Alluring vocals are paired with painfully relatable lyricism in a undeniably innovative way. We caught up with Cape Cub while they’re currently touring, with dates in Liverpool and Newcastle still to come.

Your track ‘Searchlight’ is incredible, can you tell us more about the track?
It’s a song about losing your way, and trying to find it again. About picking yourself back up with the help of someone close. It’s the first song I wrote totally on piano and ended up growing into something bigger.

How would you describe your sound in three words?
This is hard, man! Atmospheric, driving and spacious.

You’re signed to LAB records, who are your favourite acts on their roster?
They’ve got a bunch of great signings but for me it’s Marsicans, Kyko and The New Coast.

Have you got any favourite tracks to play live?
It changes, but right now it’s Come Around, Flowers and Keep Me In Mind. The former is pretty cathartic for me, Flowers is an energetic beast and Keep Me In Mind tends to have huge singalongs. Always such a buzz.

And finally, what does the future hold for you?
More music and live shows. It’s pretty simple for me. To be able to just keep doing this is a dream. I never ever imagined being able to travel like we do and have so many people around the world listen to the songs I write. The lads in the band and I are so lucky and it’s something I think about every day.

You can check out Cape Cub’s new track “Come Around” below!

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