Blushes Interview


Blushes’ track ‘To The Bone’ is nothing short of amazing. The catchy lyrics and crafty hooks captive your eardrums, much like their newest single ‘Honey’. We caught up with the band’s drummer, Jacob Price, to hear more about the Blushes.

Your new track “Honey” is amazing, can you tell us a little more about it?
Honey was born from a video call jam session Sonny and Brad had, laying down that main bassline that forms the basis of the track. That was then transferred to the synth which gave the track this really RnB G-funk feel. The lyrics we wrote over the top come from a pop/romance narrative, using loads of ‘sweet’ related items to convey the concept of someone giving you an almost sugar-rush like high. It was then a matter of feeling what guitar lines and chords felt right, which Brad and Sonny are really good at. Brad uses these bizarre jazz-powerchords that underpin the choruses really nicely. For the drums I wanted to straddle the hiphop and rock borders. So, keeping things sounding fat and beefy but having that bounce there with the constant four on the floor kick.

You were just featured in NME, how did that milestone feel?
NME is still one of the biggest music publications out there, so when we got this email out of nowhere asking about it, if we’d be interested, and then actually being picked for this shoot and this article – things got pretty surreal. We hadn’t had anything at all like that before, and it was just on a completely different scale of budget, location and personnel than anything we could muster then. So being the first real ‘big’ organisation to want to publicise us, we couldn’t say no of course. It was a wonderful blur, and seeing how we were part of this big shoot team, doing their everyday job, feeling like it was really happening, that is so special.

Have you got a favorite track to perform live?
I think we all probably have differing opinions because of how the performance differs for each track for each of our parts, but I know we all very much love playing To The Bone. Especially at the end of a set.

How would you describe your sound?
Mud soaked blossom, sodium lit puddles in a downpour, having a kiss during a bar fight, sleep-walking across hot coals, vomiting roses, a valentines wrestling match, msn’ing your crush in a volcano, sprinting for the last train to their life

What’s the best gig you’ve ever played?
All of them. HAH. That would be just silly. I reckon either the Honey launch gig in Wendover or the last couple of dates of our first tour last year, Dublin Castle and MK11. Mad gigs. First time it really felt ‘mad’, as in ‘holy shit we never want to stop this ever’.

What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played?
Ah yes, perhaps the phantom first London gig in 2016 that we missed entirely due to train diversions. Ha. This is a hard one, every show is completely different from the next. Things always go wrong, thats just how it is, we don’t play to any backing track or click and we don’t want to, it keeps it feeling alive, elastic, and allows us to better remember each show differently. Which is why we’re in this really. Whatever happens, it always varies in how much it affects the progress and good feelings of the set.

Finally, what does the future hold for the Blushes?
The future holds us accountable. We’re going to keep making messed up groovy pop stuff, and we hope we get to share and influence more and more people on the way, and if we get to make a living from it – then thats the dream really. We’ve got a fair few releases and big shows lined up this year… stay hooked.

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