Banfi Interview


Banfi have been garnering critical acclaim since the release of their debut single ‘Where We Part’. Their follow-up ‘Happy When You Go’ cemented them as ones to watch. We spoke with Joe Banfi from the band to hear all about the London three-piece.

Your latest single ‘Never Really Cared’ is both lyrically and sonically astonishing, how did the track come about?
It started with our love for a song by John Martyn called “Please Fall In Love With Me”. We wanted a song that started like that, and then those guitar chords came and it all started to gain momentum from there.

The track is lifted from your upcoming debut EP titled “Jack Powell”, what can we expect from the EP?
It kicks off with ‘Never Really Cared’ which is then followed by perhaps our most emotive song to date ‘Future’ – a slow building epic that culminates in an explosive guitar and strings led finale. Then we’ve got a cover that we’re really proud of for Peter Gabriel’s haunting “Mercy Street” before rounding things off with the bouncing, some say sun-soaked riffs of ‘Leaving Me Behind’.

How did Banfi start out?
Aaron and I  met through a manager I had at the time when I was doing my solo project.
Then we started trying ideas together and thought we better join forces. Aaron knew Chris through a mutual friend and we started rehearsing in Aaron’s basement.

How would you say are Banfi’s biggest influences?
It always seems to evolve with each song but in terms of old bands we’d say The Police and Smiths, in terms of new bands we’d say The 1975 and Biffy Clyro, in terms of classic musical heroes we’d say Kate Bush and Tom Waits, for authors I’d say Dickens and Fitzgerald, and for films we’d earnestly say “Hook” – how you felt as a kid watching ‘Hook’ in your nan’s living room with ginger biscuits, that’s how music should feel.

And finally, what does the rest of 2018 hold for Banfi?
Lots of new releases – our NEXT EP after the Jack Powell EP is set to follow in early Summer 2018, with lots more touring and recording!

Check out Banfi’s new release ‘Never Really Cared’.

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