Luna Bay Interview

Luna Bay

Luna Bay’s tracks are infectiously delights. They effortlessly intertwine catchy guitar riffs with sing-along, fun lyrics. The band have just been announced for this summer’s Great Escape festival where they’re likely to attract a sizeable audience, who will adore their care-free tracks. We spoke with frontman Connor O’Mara to hear about the band, their future and more.

We love “Little Amsterdam”, can you tell us a little more about the track?

‘Little Amsterdam’ is our fourth single, and recently was made BBC introducing track of the week on the Radio 1 playlist. In a nut shell, it’s about a relationship conflict where the two people struggle with communication but still try to be with each other.

For someone that’s never listened to your tracks, how would you describe your sound in 3 words?

Anthemic Indie Riffage

What’s your favorite gig that you’ve played so far?

Supporting Nothing But Thieves and Declan McKenna

If you were on a desert island, what 3 albums would you take with you?

Only By The Night (Kings of Leon)
The Balcony (Catfish & The Bottlemen)
After Laughter (Paramore)

Are there any bands, writers, photographers that you think we should check out?

A band called Castells, they’ve only got one song at the moment but it’s a banger! Dan Sheed who writes for Turtle Tempo is one to check out, and Sara Feigin takes amazing picture photographs, definitely check her work out.

And finally, what does the future hold for Luna Bay?

We’re heading in to the studio very soon to record new material, and then start putting in plans for a tour!

Check out their song Colours below!

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