Alessandro Ciminata Interview


This talented artist has received acclaim from the likes of LINE OF BEST FIT and Radio X. It’s easy to see why. We spoke with this talented London-based singer song-writer to hear more about his recent release ‘Flashing Lights’ and more!

Your new track ‘Flashing Lights’ is great, how did the track come about?

First of all, thank you!:)

I had this melody in my head for a long time (‘’Flashing lights got flashing lights’’) but couldn’t find a way to develop the song so I put it on the side for a little bit. After releasing few singles and having developed my sound, I decided to go back to it and record a little demo, I brought it to Jack (my producer), we both liked , and we started working on it.

It’s a very personal one. It’s about the fear of growing up that I constantly have haha.

You released your first track, ‘Last Call’, last year, how do you feel that you’ve evolved as an artist since then?

A lot. I’ve found my sound, a clear direction for my project and I’ve started to build ‘my house’, getting my music to new people and playing good live shows. In the past few months I’ve worked really hard on my live performance and on writing and recording new music.

Have you got a favourite song to perform live?

‘Last Call’, for sure and new songs in general.

Who are the top 5 biggest influences on your sound right now?

A bit of everything really. I should mention James Bay (his new songs are brilliant!), Dermot Kennedy and Dustin Tebbutt for sure! Two more? mmm Tora and Alex Vargas!

And finally, what does the future hold you as an artist?

The unknown haha. I am trying to release lots of new music, playing good shows and then, we’ll see what happens next. Pleasure chatting with you Peter. Hopefully see you at my next show!

On Friday Alessandro Ciminata will be releasing an acoustic version of Flashing Lights but, for now, you can check out the original version below!

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