Following the success of their 2017 album Eugh!, Breakfast Muff return with new single ‘Crocodile’. The song is the title track to the band’s latest EP due out on April 6.

Breakfast Muff write quirky, fun songs, their previous album was full of them, and if the rest of the EP is anything like this then we’re all in for a treat. But that’s not to say there isn’t a serious message woven into their lyrics because there often is. On the surface, ‘Crocodile’ might appear whimsical and colourful, but it’s a warning about “people who guilt you and project their problems on to you,” says Simone Wilson.

The DIY pop trio’s music reflects their sharp intellect. The guitar, bass and drums stab along in unison creating a beating pulse, as the three-piece march together as one. But it’s the disjointed call-and-return vocals that grab your attention from the first word.

That feeling of togetherness comes from the way the band writes and records their music. There isn’t a main songwriter. All band members write, they can all play each other’s instruments, swapping regularly, and they all sing. This method of working brings different themes to the surface of the band’s songs.

‘Crocodile’ is short, but it lingers in the brain long after the final notes fade out. Like all of Breakfast Muff’s songs, ‘Crocodile’ invites you in to join a world which is inclusive and welcoming; unless you’re a creep with ulterior motives. It’s difficult to find faults with a band that writes honest songs promoting equality.

Words by David Chrzanowski


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