To some growing up in the depths of Cornwall is seen as a hindrance. Being cut off from the rest of the UK can prove challenging when it comes to making a name for yourself in the music industry. But not for this four-piece. ENNOR spent 2017 touring the UK, resulting in the band making a name for themselves in London, and whether you like it or not, that is still seen as the benchmark in today’s industry.

The term ‘Californwall’ was coined to describe the bands sound, every song is drenched in Cornish summer sunshine; the UK’s answer to the Golden State. ‘Farewell To Atlantis’ is chirpy and energetic, encapsulating what the band are all about. Frontman Tom Elliot wears his heart on his sleeve, his lyrics full of poeticism and sincerity. Elliot is backed-up by a rhythm section in Andy Williams and James Creed that is watertight, while the fretwork of guitarist Jack Rennie is masterful. All these elements combine, resulting in a sound that is raucous, wild and infectious, much like the county of Cornwall itself.

There’s more to come from ENNOR as they head back into the studio sometime in 2018, and you can bet there’ll be much of the same raw energy and interesting melodies that come so naturally to the band.

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