Track Review: Jackie Cohen – “Darlin”


“Darlin” is the lead single off Cohen’s debut EP “Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got The Blues”, which was produced with the help of eccentric rock band The Lemon Twigs.

It immediately hooks you in with its moody piano, which, combined with the synth, creates a truly atmospheric and retro sound – think Lykke Li meets Lou Reed. (Lou-ke Li-ed? I’m sorry, I’ll show myself out).

Bad puns aside, seriously, if I did not know anything about Cohen and closed my eyes, I would have guessed that this was made 30 years ago,  but that’s not in a bad way. The song comes off as woozy and charming, a mournful lullaby to wasted opportunities. The part that surprised me most is when the plodding chorus chimes in with a full-on Dolly Parton Drawl, lamenting how she wasted her lover.

It also has a cool looking music video which feels somewhere half-way between 80s workout and Blair Witch Project horror. The video’s retro, atmospheric production perfectly complements the song while still adding an exciting new dimension to the experience of the track.

All in all, a great song which will leave you wailing “Darlin” for days to come.


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