Dirty Nice Interview


In collaboration with SYNCR Music, we’re interviewing some of the UK’s best upcoming talent. First up is Dirty Nice, who recently released their spirited, enthralling track ‘Luvin U’.

The track interweaves different genres to create a effortlessly cool and intoxicating piece of art which demands to be listened to. Throughout Desta French’s vocals are clear-cut and serve as the prefect complement to the track’s masterful production. We spoke to the talented duo to hear more about Luvin U, their inspirations and more!

Luving U is such a infectiously brilliant track, how did it come to life?

Hammer: We actually wrote the song for another artist we were writing for. We ending up liking it too much so kept it for ourselves.

It’s Happening is another favourite of ours, could you tell us a little about the track?

Charlie: I initially wrote the chorus on this really out of tune piano and was trying to do something really simple and positive kinda like a Chic lyric – there’s an awful voice memo of it somewhere. It’s about making the most of meeting someone on a night out but also it’s kind of about meditation and trying to exist in the moment.

What inspired your name? 

Charlie: it’s actually the first two words Hammer used to describe his first date with his now girlfriend: “Kind of dirty…and nice” Charming.

Who are the biggest influences on your sound right now? 

Hammer: Peeps always compare us to Jai Paul and Daft Punk. We love them both but really influences come from all over the shop – into Octavian at the minute.

Charlie: I got really into Hall & Oates recently…quite a different vibe to Octavian…

And finally, what does the future hold for you?

Hammer: More music, more collaborations, playing shows as much as possible and having a laugh.

Charlie: We have a lot of musical friends all doing really great things so we’re keen to work with as many of them as possible.


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