Old Swing Interview

London-based three-piece Old Swing have managed to captivate with their distinct synth-infused sound which sounds expansive yet intimate.

Their debut track Time was produced by Sam Winfield, who’s between tracks from the likes of Fickle Friends and Nottingham’s Amber Run. On ‘Time’ pulsating guitar rhythms drive this track from the outset with clear-cut yet dream like vocals serving as the perfect complement to the dazzling inter-play of different instruments.

We caught up with Old Swing to hear about their origins, influences and more!

Time is a such a beautiful track, how did it come to life?
Thanks! I spend a lot of my evenings just noodling on guitar or piano, and the song just kind of, jumped out! The entire writing process probably It’s probably one of the most upbeat and fast-paced songs I’ve ever written, and I think it set the right tone for the band’s future.

What inspired your name?
Once at a house party after a lot of teenage drama,I snuck outside and found an Old Swing, I remember sitting there wasted and it just started snowing. For some reason or another it’s stuck in my head for a good eight years now, so when we talked about band names I threw it in and it seemed to work.

How did the three of you meet?
I’m from Buckinghamshire originally, so when I moved to London a year ago I didn’t know many musicians in the city. I jumped on Facebook musician groups and both Harry and Mark appeared – luckily! They are both ridiculously talented guys and they put me to shame at every rehearsal.

Who are the biggest influences on your sound right now?
We love everything eighties. From the chorus-soaked guitars to the huge, unapologetic synth lines of that era. We really try to incorporate that into our music. I’m a Prince super fan so that’s always on! There’s a lot of great artists out at the moment, but we suggest that everyone check out Fickle Friends, Joan, Milkk and Raffer.

Your track was produced and mixed by Sam Winfield, how was the experience of working with him?
We love working with Sam and Tom over at Studio91! We’ve recently recorded our next single ‘Wonder’ with them and it’s always a great experience.

And finally, what does the future hold for you?
We’ve just finished our next single ‘Wonder’ and that’s going to be dropping soon. We’ve also got a big headline show in September, so we’re working hard to get everything sounding great for that. There’s also an EP in the works, so lots of music coming soon!

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