Preview: Curtis T Johns – Fears EP


Curtis T Johns has been illuminating stages across the country since winning a place in  musical The Band on hit BBC show Let It Shine. Although Curtis will still be on stage performing Take That hits as part of the musical until March 2019, he’s returning to his singer-songwriter roots with the release of his Fears EP this September.

The EP’s opener ‘Beyond All Fears’ starts with a dominant, compelling beat before Curtis T Johns soulful, impassioned voice mesmerizes while delivering the track’s heartfelt, genuine lyrics. Across the track, Curtis really showcases both the power and delicacy in a truly triumphant fashion, more than holding his own as the track’s instrumentation evolves and expands.

Throughout the rest of the EP, Curtis really explores different complex, intricate emotions through both his lyricism and the production he employs. This results in a body of work that feels both singular and remarkably diverse.

A particular highlight on the EP is the closing track ‘Small World’, which intriguingly delves into self-centeredness and ultimately emphasizes how interconnected we all are. Curtis’ clear-cut vocals soar above the track’s commanding piano chords and even at 4 minutes long you’re still left yearning for more.

This EP showcases not only Curtis T Johns diversity as a songwriter and vocalist but his creativity and ingenuity too. We’ll save our full review till next month as we truly believe the best way to experience this awe-inspiring EP is first-hand.

The EP is available itself will be released on the 8th of September and is available for pre-order here.



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