Saint Loe Interview

Saint Loe

Hooking you in instantly with a feel good melody infused with pitch-perfect harmonies, Faking Love represents an assured return for Saint Loe after the release of their debut EP last year. While their sound is reminiscent of bands like Mcfly and Scouting For Girls, this four-piece have crafted a sound that’s distinctly their own.

Being relatable and honest is clearly a focal point of the band and Faking Love contains some their most heartfelt lyricism yet. We spoke with Saint Loe to hear about their influences, future and much more!

Faking Love is such an infectiously brilliant track, how did it come to life?

Faking Love actually came about through a complete cliche, where we were all sat round a campfire, guitars in hand and Ben just started singing this super catchy hook. The rest of us instantly loved it and so started bouncing ideas off each other, developing the basics until we realised it was getting pretty late and got told to shut up from some other campers.. A few days later though Danny brought in some lyric ideas to a rehearsal and it just went from there. But Faking Love didn’t really come to life until we began recording it and had a play around with a few more ideas in the studio where it quickly became the track we’re most proud of!

What inspired your name?

The name Saint Loe isn’t so much inspired by anything as simply taken from the name of a village near where we formed – Newton Saint Loe. Alex suggested it almost as a joke but we liked it! Plus it does remind us of where we came from and that’s nice.

Who are the biggest influences on your sound right now?

We all have such different influences really, which may sound like we shouldn’t work well together but it actually just brings so many different ideas to our music. For example Dan listens to a lot of acoustic pop/folk, where as Danny enjoys a bit of hip hop and rap. As a band though I’d say we really like what The American Authors have been doing recently and also feel like we have many similarities to what McFly were all about. And we of course all love The Beatles and a bit of old school rock n roll!

Take Control is another favourite of ours, could you tell us a little about the track?

Take Control is one of the first songs we ever wrote and recorded and we still play it now. We feel like it represents the feel good vibe we’re aiming for and with its catchy hook and slight country twist it kind of has something for everyone. And that’s almost like our moto.. To make music that everyone and anyone can sing along to and enjoy.

And finally, what does the future hold for you?

We never stop to be honest! If we’re not gigging, we’re writing, recording, rehearsing, filming, editing and more. We HOPE the future holds progress and success for us but we know we’ve got to work hard and that’s exactly what we’re doing. But in short, we’ll be releasing new music and videos very soon, so look our for tha


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